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Dharma Travel
Paramaribo, Amsterdam (NL), Meditational area, shiatsu, do-in and Qigong...
$1830.00 person/package

Manzanita Village & Ordinary Dharma Buddhist Retreats
San Diego, California (US), Reflect appreciation for diversity and inclusiveness...
$75.00 person/day

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A unique spiritual online dating site enters the market. is a unique online community that connects people interested in Spirituality. The website might look like a traditional dating service, but it is much more than that. EsoDates is a social network devoted to give a friendly environ... Read Full Story
New Children’s Book Carries a Spiritual Message New Children’s Book Carries a Spiritual Message
“Yoga” and “meditation” teacher and spiritual minister Laurin Kyle Boyle adapts the spiritual teachings she practices every day into her new children’s book “The Little Dog Who Stopped Traffic” (published by Trafford Publishing). It is a book she hopes readers will use to transform their consciousne... Read Full Story
Summer Solstice Meditation with Healing Path Summer Solstice Meditation with Healing Path
“I wanted to celebrate the Summer Solstice in a unique way with friends, clients, and meditators from all over the world,” shares Alice McCall. On Wednesday, June 20th, 6-7pm CT McCall will lead a guided healing meditation via teleconference. Participants from all over the world are able to atte... Read Full Story
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Wai Lana Yoga Invigorating Movies
Wai Lana Yoga Invigorating Movies

Tired of feeling tired after exercising? Welcome to this most invigorating set of yoga. In this Invigorating workout you will:

* Oxygenate your entire body
* Learn to balance while strengthening your abdominals
* Stretch and tone your hips and groin
* Open your chest and increase your lung capacity
* Soothe and tone your central nervous system

Price: $14.95 Find More Movies
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