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Wai Lana Yogi   Wai Lana Yogi Yoga Mats
Regardless of one’s age or fitness level, the regular practice of yoga offers innumerable benefits to those seeking health, fitness, or stress reduction. Your Wai Lana Yogi Mat™ is designed to provide ...
  $21.95  Wai Lana Yoga

 Island Palm Yoga & Pilates   Island Palm Yoga & Pilates Yoga Mats
A new addition to our popular line of Yoga & Pilates mats, Wai Lana's exotic Island Palm Yoga & Pilates mat provides a secure, nonslip surface. Twice as thick as a standard yoga mat, it also provides ...
  $29.95  Wai Lana Yoga

 Hibiscus Yoga & Pilates   Hibiscus Yoga & Pilates Yoga Mats
As suited to Pilates as it is to yoga, this versatile, unique hibiscus mat brings a fun, upbeat feeling to your workout. Twice the thickness of a standard yoga mat, it provides extra cushioning to cre ...
  $29.95  Wai Lana Yoga

 Urban   Urban Yoga Mats
The best in quality, comfort, and durability * Experience greater comfort in poses with twice the regular thickness * Attractive cotton trimming enhances durability * Superior grip gives you confidenc ...
  $36.95  Wai Lana Yoga

 Yoga & Pilates   Yoga & Pilates Yoga Mats
The Yoga & Pilates mat has twice the thickness of our Yogi Mat™, providing extra cushioning and comfort for jump-backs and kneeling postures. Available in Caribbean blue, gold, orange, and hot pink. L ...
  $29.95  Wai Lana Yoga

 Hibiscus   Hibiscus Yoga Mats
This Polynesian-inspired Hibiscus Yogi Mat™ brings fun and color to anyone's yoga practice, especially that of kids and teenagers. Coming in vibrant colors like orange and pink, the mat provides a sti ...
  $21.95  Wai Lana Yoga

Wai Lana Lotus   Wai Lana Lotus Yoga Mats
Whether you're a newcomer to yoga or a veteran yogi, the mat you work out on is very important.The Wai Lana Lotus Yogi Mat™ is simultaneously comfortable and durable. The high-quality, closed-cell PVC ...
  $21.95  Wai Lana Yoga

 Blossom Yoga & Pilates Mat   Blossom Yoga & Pilates Mat Yoga Mats
With its easy-grip surface and extra thickness, the Golden Earth Yoga & Pilates Mat makes it easy for you to create a safe, secure, and comfortable area in which to practice. Tiger Print- In your yoga ...
  $29.95  Wai Lana Yoga

 Tropical Hibiscus Yoga & Pilates   Tropical Hibiscus Yoga & Pilates Yoga Mats
The Wai Lana-designed Tropical Hibiscus mat is equally suited to Pilates and yoga. Stylish yet subtle, this unique mat creates a beautiful and fun setting for your workout. Luxuriously padded (twice t ...
  $29.95  Wai Lana Yoga

 Blue Zebra Yoga & Pilates   Blue Zebra Yoga & Pilates Yoga Mats
With its easy-grip surface and extra thickness, the Golden Earth Yoga & Pilates Mat makes it easy for you to create a safe, secure, and comfortable area in which to practice. Available with either Blu ...
  $29.95  Wai Lana Yoga

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 # Shop Items: 15            Page: 1/2           

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