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Let all your Dreams Come True Visualization

This is a simple Visualization that helps you let your wildest dreams come true.

Where intention goes,
Energy flows.
Where energy flows,
Life grows.

Let all your dreams come true Visualization
Kind of Meditation Visualization
Degree of difficulty Beginners and more advanced students
Advised duration 5 to 30 minutes
Posture Sitting or Lying
  • + you become the master of your own happiness and fate

  • + you can achieve anything you like

  • + it provides a great mental training

  • + it gives you a relaxed, peaceful feeling

  • + you can do this exercise at any time and any place

  • Remarks Everything that you give grows! Pretend you have realized your dream and the universe will start to support you.
    According to Dr. Joseph Murphy, Louise Hay, Roy Martina, Deepak Chopra, Napoleon Hill, and many other successful people, we can compel happiness and realize our dreams through Visualization. On this site, we see Visualization techniques to advance our health and performances. This Visualization goes further and teaches you how to control matters that at first sight nobody can influence. Winning the lottery, finding a beautiful home, a new girlfriend, wealth, good luck, chance meetings. Remember: happiness will come your way if only you do the exercise on this page well enough and often enough. Everything you put energy into grows! Pretend you have already realized your dream and the universe will begin to support you and your dreams will really come true. It is just like when you feel frustrated looking for a new girlfriend or boyfriend. If you want it, you will not get it because the wanting starts to grow and the getting does not. If you assume that you will get what you want, then this is exactly what will happen because getting it has been given all the energy. Deepak Chopra's fifth law of spiritual success, the law of intention, is of the same opinion and more and more books are published that propagate the same idea. Let go of your prejudices, just try, you have nothing to lose. And never try half-heartedly! When you try, give all you have got so that you give no energy at all to your doubts.

    In this exercise, we visualize that our dream has come true. Possibilities for the Visualization are your career, health, lovelife, etc. When visualizing, it is important to experience as many sensations of seeing, feeling, smelling, and tasting as possible. Think of the details of the environment (beach, trees, waves, animals, sunshine, wind, etc.), all physical reactions, reactions of colleagues, the public, or other people involved, and imagine how you will feel when your dream has come true. Look at the images from various angles. Visualizations have a stronger impact when we combine them with positive affirmations like: I am grateful that all my wishes have come true. If you want to know more about affirmations, go to our website and visit the section on affirmations. If you are confronted with doubts or controversial thoughts, do not resist them and let them pass away as you would do with every standard Meditation. With every form of resistance, we give new energy to our doubts and that is the last thing we want to do. After the Visualization, we let go of our dream and we do not go back to it. Going back to it will certainly have an adverse effect. You can also do this Visualization at the end of any normal Meditation. As in the case of any Meditation, we try not to judge, not to get angry with ourselves if things do not go so well, and not to be too goal-oriented. Let us begin!

    Let all your Dreams Come True Visualization Exercise

    1. Sit down, close your eyes, and direct your attention to your breathing.
    2. Be aware of every breathing in and breathing out.
    3. Let your breathing be something automatic and do not try to steer it.
    4. Observe how the air slowly goes in through your nose, fills up your lungs, and goes out again.
    5. Count a few of your breaths to get into a state of deep meditative relaxation.
    6. When after a few breaths you really feel at ease and relaxed, you begin with the Visualization.
    7. Visualize that your dream will totally come true or has already come true.
    8. Pay attention to all the details that would be there if your dream really came true.
    9. Try to form a mental picture that is as clear as possible and enjoy it.
    10. See how everything you wanted to achieve has actually been achieved. Feel the gladness and see the reactions of other people.
    11. Try to involve all your senses. Smell, taste, look, and feel into the smallest details.
    12. Enjoy every moment and if you should feel any doubts, accept them and let go of them.
    13. Then let go of your Visualization and tell yourself something like: I am grateful for everything I do. I am completely happy and healthy. Wealth comes to me in every possible shape. I thank my body, my mind, and the universe for all the support they give me, etc.
    14. Then slowly take your attention back to the rest of your body and the sounds in the room. Move a little, stretch your muscles a little, and open your eyes.
    15. Finished!
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