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Meditation Techniques - Various Methods of Meditating

There are a lot of Techniques that you can employ in your practice of Meditation. Some of them will be discussed in this section so feel free to read them and apply them into your practice.

Alternating Breathing - Nose Exercise Alternating Breathing - Nose Exercise
This section will teach you a special breathing technique that will help you get into a deep state of relaxation quickly. Click on the icon on the left and read about it.

The Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) The Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)
The Sun Salutation is an excellent warm up exercise that will help you loosen up your muscles and will help in letting your mind focus when Meditating. Learn how to execute it with the help of this article.

Concentration Techniques Concentration Techniques
Concentration is an essential part of Meditation. Without it, you would not be able to practice Meditation as completely as you want to. Thus we have this article to help you focus your mind.

Meditation Techniques - Insight Meditations Meditation Techniques - Insight Meditations
Insight Meditations are a step further than merely focusing one's mind. They help you be more conscious of your thoughts, emotions and your senses. Read more about it here.

Meditation in Motion Meditation in Motion
Meditation is not only done while sitting down, it can also be done while you are doing other things. This section will show you some activities in which you can integrate to Meditation.

Goal-directed Meditating Goal-directed Meditating
This technique entails visualizing something that you wish to achieve or an ailment that you wish to be cured of. Here are some exercises that you can take up to help you get started.

Meditation Techniques - for Beginners Meditation Techniques - for Beginners
Here are some Meditation exercises that are simple enough for beginners to take up. It will help you get started on how to focus your mind on something with little distraction.

Meditation Techniques - for More Advanced Students Meditation Techniques - for More Advanced Students
In this section, you will be able to take up some exercises that are more complex and require more experience than starters. Read on and take your practice to the next level.

Buddhist Meditation Buddhist Meditation
Buddhist Meditation can be practiced both by Buddhist and non-Buddhists. This type of Meditation generally focuses on human consciousness, particularly concentration, tranquility, and insight.

Christian Meditation Christian Meditation
Unlike traditional Meditation, Christian Meditation aims to be filled with grace than to be emptied. Find out more about this form of practice by reading this article.

Transcendental Meditation Transcendental Meditation
A soothing process of relaxation, Transcendental Meditation entails several minutes of rhythmic repetition of a mantra. This is done for 20 minutes everyday to achieve relaxation of the mind.

Tantric Meditation Tantric Meditation
Self-emptiness is the first step towards Tantric Meditation. In doing so, one can maximize his or her potential and truly achieve self-realization.

Meditation for Children Meditation for Children
A new coping tool caregivers can teach their children is meditation. Meditation allows the child to become more aware of his thinking and learning process, as well as to relax.

Meditation & Hypnosis Meditation & Hypnosis
Meditation and hypnosis can help ease the pressure of everyday life. Both practices clear the mind and induce overall relaxation. Learn more about Meditation and hypnosis in this section.

Third Eye Meditation Third Eye Meditation
Third Eye Meditation is a method of tuning into different layers of consciousness. Moreover, it is a powerful way to access powers of intuition and inner strength.

Energy Meditation Energy Meditation
Energy Meditation is a simple way of meditating spiritually. We focus on how everything around us is made up of energy. Learn more about Energy Meditation in this section.

Dance Meditation Dance Meditation
Whoever said Meditation means staying put in one place must not have heard of Dance Meditation yet. It combines the elements of dancing with that of Meditation. Read about it here.

Zen Meditation Zen Meditation
This involves sitting just as Buddha did when he achieved enlightenment and at the same time being aware of everything that is happening to oneself and to his or her surroundings.

Taoist Meditation Taoist Meditation
Taoist Meditation involves calming the mind and body to the highest degree possible. It is a useful way of releasing stress from daily life. Know more about Taoist Meditation in this section.

Japa Meditation Japa Meditation
Japa Meditation is the form of Meditation in which you recite a word or phrase repetitively, also known as mantra. Its aim is to help you focus your thoughts on the word or phrase that you uttered.

Alpha Meditation Alpha Meditation
Alpha Meditation, which activates the power of the subconscious, allows individuals to reach the alpha level of consciousness, which is the ultimate seat of mental relaxation.

Circadian Meditation Circadian Meditation
Circadian Meditation plays a big role in improving our sleep and will help us alternate the asleep and awake states in an optimum manner, relax, and conduct everyday activities effectively.

Merkaba Meditation Merkaba Meditation
Merkaba Meditation is a way to balance the polarity of life, to reach oneness. It is a powerfully healing, gentle Meditation which teaches one to breathe from the heart and connect to the heart energy.

Sahaj Marg Sahaj Marg
Sahaj Marg or Natural Path is a Meditation system based on Raja Yoga. It is a practice which is simplified and modified to adapt to man’s present life to achieve inner perfection.

Bible Meditation Bible Meditation
The words found on the Scriptures will be empty without the proper understanding of the messages that they convey. This is where the act of meditating comes in.

Catholic Meditation Catholic Meditation
Catholic Meditation is very different from other forms of Meditation. Instead of “quieting the mind” or removing too many thoughts in our heads, we meditate in the form of a prayer.

Pyramid Meditation Pyramid Meditation
Pyramid Meditation is a form of Meditation done inside, or underneath, a pyramid. Beyond the deceptively simple surface is the almost mystical basis of this particular type of Meditation.

Color Meditation Color Meditation
There are ways to achieve a sense of peace, taking into consideration the fast-paced and action-oriented lifestyle we have today. One of these methods is called Color Meditation.

We hope that the different techniques we presented in this section will help you get into a deeper understanding of Meditation and also facilitate your practice of it. There are still other aspects of Meditation that you might like to get into. You may find them in the other portions of this website. Feel free to browse the pages and read the articles.
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