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Meditation Basics & Background Information

  What is Meditation?
This section explains what Meditation is all about, as well as what Meditating can do to yourself.

  Why Meditate? The benefits of Meditation practice
Frequent Meditation reduces stress, improves your health, increases your mental strength and develops your spiritual life. Learn more about it in this section.

    Meditation - A Reaction to a Constantly Changing Society
With the rapid changes in society, people are more and more subject to stress. Learn how Meditation can help you cope with it.

    Did you know that?
Did you know the following about meditation, meditating, meditate, time magazine

    Meditation - Physical Advantages
Want to feel, healthier, happier and more energetic? Maybe it's time to take up Meditation.

    Meditation - Mental Advantages
Have a powerful mind with the help of Meditation. Learn more about its benefits in this section.

    Meditation - Spiritual Advantages
Improve your spirituality with the help of Meditation. Learn how with the help of this section.

    Physiological & Psychological Benefits of Meditation
Meditation offers health benefits and a lot more. Research has shown that the practice also contributes to the physiological and psychological well-being of an individual.

  Meditation - Living in the NOW
Living in the NOW is the essence of Meditating and therefore we devote a whole section to it. It is like any activity that takes us to the NOW and keeps us there.

    Living in the NOW: 1. Peak Experiences and Flow
This optimal state of experience is called "flow" in literature. During this situation we are highly conscious and only use our intellectual capacities and our common sense to experience the moment.

    Living in the NOW: 2. By doing instead of being all of us often try to be in the NOW.
A feeling of flow, of losing all sense of time, of becoming one with what you are experiencing often brings about a deep feeling of relaxation, refreshment. Take a deeper look at it in this section.

    Living in the NOW: 3. In the NOW, everything is beautiful and perfect!
We observe things more sharply in the NOW because we do not have to judge, to understand or to argue. Familiarize yourself with this state with the help of this section.

    Living in the NOW: 4. Unnecessary thoughts are the greatest obstacle on our way to the NOW.
Unnecessary thoughts prevent us from achieving the full potential of Meditation. Learn in this section how you can counteract them.

    Living in the NOW: 5. Meditating - a key to living in the NOW
In this section, learn how Meditation can help you live in the NOW.

    Living in the NOW: 6. Our potential in the NOW
This kind of reasoning underlines the first spiritual law of success of Deepak Chopra, the law of pure potentiality. In our archetypal status, according to Chopra, we are pure consciousness...

    Living in the NOW: 7. Keyword for the access into the NOW: ACCEPTANCE
The key to be in the NOW is the acceptance of the things currently happening around you. Learn how to achieve it with the help of this section.

    Living in the NOW: 8. Does Meditation or living in the NOW make psychiatry superfluous?
After reading the various articles on this site you might think: when living in the NOW do we still need those expensive psychologists with their relaxed sofas? Is not it about time ....

FAQs about Meditation and How to Meditate
This section aims to answer some of the questions that people have in mind when it comes to Meditation and Meditating.

  What can Meditation mean to me?
Meditating is an extremely effective way to get a deeper understanding of ourselves and the deeper dimensions of ourselves, but it also teaches us better ways of dealing with our daily problems. Learn what Meditation means to you in this section.

  Where does Meditation come from?
People have been meditating for thousands of years. Trace its roots in this section.

  How Meditation Works
By meditating regularly, you will have a deeper understanding of how Meditation works, and you will see the changes in your health and well-being.

  Is Meditating easy?
Every people has his or her own pace of learning things. That also applies to Meditation. But with enough dedication, it can be done. Let this article help you do that.

  Can anybody Meditate?
Regardless of one's age, gender, race and religious background, anyone can meditate. Read more about it in this article.

  When is the best time to Meditate?
Meditating can be done everywhere and at all times. Find out the best time for you to practice it with the help of this article.

  How long should I Meditate?
In general people meditate from 10 to 30 minutes. Usually it is not the length of time but the frequency that speeds up your approach to the benefits of Meditation. Learn your ideal time to meditate in this article.

  When can I expect the Positive Effects of Meditation?
The postive effects of meditating takes time to manifest itself. Learn its manifestations in this article.

  Why is Meditating different?
Learn in this section how Meditation is different from all the other activities that we do.

  Is Meditating religious?
Meditation deals with religion as it deals with everything: freely and with total acceptance. In fact, we often hear from people who meditate that it strengthens their faith.

  Is Meditating Weird?
Some people who do not understand what Meditation means find it weird. But it isn't. Find out how normal an activity it is in this article.

  Is Meditation expensive?
Meditating can be one of few the cheapest, even cost-free activities you can engage in. Find out more in this article.

  Is Meditation just a Flight from Reality?
Is meditating an ascape from the real world? Read on and learn what Meditation

  Twelve Principles of Meditation
To be able to meditate properly, you need to have a better understanding of what Meditation is all about. For that, we have Swami Vishnu-Devananda to thank for. He formulated the Twelve Principles of Meditation to help people understand the basic steps and stages of the practice.

  Meditation Types and Techniques
Meditating can be done in various ways and there is an indefinite number of Meditation techniques that you can use for an indefinite number of goals. Learn about it in this article.

  A typical Meditation session - Breathing Meditation
Here we have a nice example for you that shows you what a typical breathing session looks like. Just read the example, sit comfortably, give yourself 5 to 10 minutes and enter the world of Meditation!

  Meditation and Personal Development
Meditating brings you back to your true potential. In this section you can find articles that focus on the relationship between the philosophy behind meditation and your personal development.

    Meditation and Flow
According to Csikszentmihalyi experiencing flow often coincides with experiencing a feeling of bliss. Read and learn more about this flow in this article.

    Creativity and Meditation
Meditation can help one to be creative. Find out how in this article.

    Our Potential and Meditation
Learn how you can achieve your full potential with the aid of Meditation.

  Meditation Music
Learn how to enhance your practice of Meditation with the help of music.

  Tratak, Yantra, and OM
Meditation is a very important tool in achieving mental clarity and health. Different techniques are used to help clear the mind and relax the body. One of these techniques is Tratak or steady gazing.

Meditation Background - Mantras, Postures, Breathing Meditations
This section gives you a lot of background information that will enable you to practise the techniques very well indeed. Try to study each article thoroughly to ensure success in this endeavor.

  Meditation - The Right Meditation Posture
A correct posture is of crucial interest during meditating. Read more on the correct meditation posture and different ways of sitting during meditation.

    Meditation - Choosing your own Meditation Posture
Choose your meditation posture. We can choose to meditate in the the tailor's posture, the lotus posture and the Burmese posture

    What Should We Sit On During our Meditations?
There are various ways in which we can sit while we are meditating. We can meditate on a chair, a cushion, a wooden stool, or just sitting on the ground. Choose the best one for you with the help of this article.

    What do we do with our Body when we are Meditating?
This section deals with several things you can do with your body while meditating which will better help you practice it.

    How Do You Deal with Physical Pain?
When you are meditating it is generally advisable to resist a first impulse to change your posture as soon as you experience physical pain. Learn how to deal with it with the aid of this article.

    Common Meditation Posture Mistakes
When meditating you should be careful not to revert to fixed patterns, start doing things automatically without thinking or let a wrong posture hinder your progress. Learn how to avoid them with the aid of this article.

  Everything about a correct Mental Attitude
If we really want to achieve progress with Meditation we ought to go further than just sit in the correct physical posture and practice the right techniques. We can begin by working on our mental attitude. Let this article be your guide.

  Meditation - Saguna Mantras and Nirguna Mantras
You can make use of Mantras to keep you focused and relaxed while meditating. In this section, take a look at some of the different Meditation Mantras for beginners and advanced practitioners.

  Choosing your own Mantra
Repeatedly uttering a mantra during meditation can help you focus on what you're doing. You can choose to either use those derived from yoga or you may use your own chant. Read more about it in this article.

  Breathing Techniques for Quick Relaxation
Breathing Techniques for Quick Relaxation - Learn how Breathing Meditation helps you in relaxation. Know the three Breathing Techniques for quick relaxation.

  What are Chakras?
Chakras are the energy centres of the body. Sometimes chakras are used as object of meditation in meditations or visualisations. There are people who can hardly imagine what their meditation experiences would be like without chakra meditations.

  Functions of Chakras
Functions of Chakras - Learn the different Functions of Chakras, as well as their corresponding glands and body parts.

  Everything about Visualization
The power of visualisation is more and more recognised in the world of sports psychology, medical science, various musical conservatories, drama schools and business life. Our thoughts and our imagination have a strong influence...

  Everything about Affirmations and Affirming
Another way to influence our thoughts, our self-image, our health and our confidence is the use of affirmations. An affirmation is just positive self-suggestion. Have you ever stood in front of a mirror and called out: "you can do it, I am beautiful

  What to do in case of Difficulties
As we can read in this website Meditation helps you to improve your health, your life and your achievements in many ways. On the other hand the technique of Meditation requires from you discipline, practice and patience.

  The Do’s and Don'ts of Meditating
The Do’s and Don'ts of Meditating - Many people stop Meditating after a while because they do not start in the proper way. They choose the wrong course, read the wrong book, speak with the wrong people, sit uncomfortably or view it as an obligation....

  A Meditation Schedule Plan
As so many people have asked for it: a practical schedule for every beginner who wants to master Meditating in a period of six weeks. Once you have decided to begin Meditating it is good to make a few agreements with yourself.

Meditation Techniques - Various Methods of Meditating
There is a great number of techniques to meditate. On this page we have made a selection according to method and degree of difficulty. Beginners had better start ...

  Alternating Breathing - Nose Exercise
We have found you a special breathing technique that helps you to get into a deep state of relaxation quickly and easily with the result that you can do your meditation a lot more easily. The beginning of a meditation session is often difficult....

  Meditation Warming Up: Stretching - The Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)
If you can sit up straight without any support for a quarter of an hour or longer, this exercise is superfluous for you. But: if you regularly experience aches while sitting it may help to do some yoga exercises before you start to Meditate. Yoga and Meditation go well together.

  Concentration Techniques

    Bodyscan Meditation
Here our body is our object of meditation. It is an excellent exercise, derived from the world of yoga, meant to relax our body and enjoin silence on our mind…

    Steering your Breath through your Body
Steering your Breath through your Body - This is a good meditation exercise for both beginners and more advanced students. It strengthens your powers of concentration and observation. Besides: it also helps you with physical problems….

    Count your Breaths Meditation
This is the simplest and easiest breathing meditation which you can use everywhere and at all times. It is a good exercise to clear your head and to soften stress and tension….

    Healing Breath Meditation
One of our personal favourites. This meditation helps you to relax quickly and deeply and it has a very positive effect on your health and vitality.

    Flame Meditation
A super concentration meditation that is particularly suitable for people that are visually orientated.

    Mantra Meditation
In the Western world mantra meditations are probably the most well-known. In this meditation a sound, a word, a sentence or an affirmation is our object of meditation…..

  Insight Meditations
If you want to go further than just emptying your mind by means of focus and concentration, then the next step is learning how to become more conscious of our thoughts, emotions and sensory perceptions.

    Observation Meditation based on Breathing
A meditation for beginners that goes a little further than the count your breaths meditation and not only teaches you how to concentrate but also to observe...

    Observation Meditation based on Senses

    Observation Meditation based on Thoughts
A meditation for more advanced students that teaches you to be fully aware and in the moment by observing with all your senses...

    Give your Thoughts a Name Meditation
Learn how to observe your mind and give your thoughts a place without being distracted by them.

    Examine your Thoughts Meditation
Learn to observe your own mind, give your thoughts a place and examine them.

  Meditation in Motion
Meditating does not by definition require a position of sitting still or lying down. We can Meditate when we are walking, eating, drinking, and practising sports. There is one condition: we must be present and alert and focus on the activity itself.

    Observation Meditation in an activity - Walking Meditation
Observation Meditation in an activity - Walking Meditation - Three different walking Meditations that teach you to be completely in the NOW during an activity….

    Chi exercises - Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Chi Neng
The age old Meditative motion therapies like Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Chi Neng promote a long, healthy life and help you to bring your body and mind in the right kind of balance. The techniques are based on the Taoist Yin Yang philosophy and work......

    Eating Meditation - a real Living in the Now Meditation
We can make any moment into a Meditation by trying to let any activity become an end in itself. When we are washing the car we are washing the car, when we are doing the dishes then we try to wash the dishes with complete attention. We do one thing at a time and are completely Zen.


  Goal-directed Meditating
Learn the different forms or techniques of Meditation specifically Visualization, Insight Meditation, and Contemplation Meditation.

    Relaxation by Visualization
Relaxation by Visualization - Learn how to reduce tension and stress with the help of simple visualization.

    Improve your Health by Visualization
Improve your Health by Visualization - Simple Visualization can help speed up the healing process.

    Improve your Performance by Visualization
Improve your Performance by Visualization - Learn a simple Visualization that helps you to prepare yourself mentally for top achievements.

    Let all your Dreams Come True Visualization
Let all your Dreams ComeTrue Visualization - This is Visualization that helps you let your wildest dreams come true.

    Ask your Subconscious Meditation
Ask your Subconscious Meditation - Check your feeling or subconscious when you are faced with a dilemma.

    Inner Guide Meditation
Inner Guide Meditation - Put some questions to your own intuition or subconscious during Meditation.

    Forgiveness Meditation
Forgiveness Meditation - In this kind of Meditation, you visualize that you forgive someone. This is a very powerful exercise.

    Contemplation Meditation
Contemplation Meditation - Read a quotation, a poem, or any written text and let the contents enter your mind.

  Meditation Techniques - for Beginners
We have summed up the best Meditation techniques for beginners. When you first start Meditating it is important to choose a simple technique, in which the chance of external diversion is minimized. In the simplest techniques we limit our focus to an object.

  Meditation Techniques - for More Advanced Students
In spite of the fact that the exercises on this page are more difficult focus, attention and concentration again form the basis of the techniques. In most of the exercises for more advanced students we turn our attention more to the outside world.

  Buddhist Meditation
Buddhist Meditation covers different meditation techniques aiming to improve concentration, tranquility, and insight of the mind.

  Christian Meditation
Learn about this variety of practicing Meditation by reading this article.

  Transcendental Meditation
Transcendental meditation (TM) is an alternative practice of relaxation, wherein a person undergoes a calming ritual for 20 minutes every day.

  Tantric Meditation
Meditation has always been perceived as an activity of concentration. The purpose, however, may vary from one form of meditation to another.

  Meditation for Children
A new coping tool caregivers can teach their children is Meditation.

  Meditation & Hypnosis
The demands of daily life can be quite exhausting, and oftentimes we find ourselves wishing that we could just make all our problems go away.

  Third Eye Meditation
Third Eye Meditation is one of the many techniques to practice Meditation.

  Energy Meditation
Are you always stressed or busy with work? Do you feel the need to take a long vacation but you can’t because of too much work? Why don’t you try Energy Meditation?

  Dance Meditation
Whoever said you can only meditate while sitting down must have not heard of Dance Meditation yet. It is the combination of movements and the meditative mind. Read about it here.

  Zen Meditation
This form of Meditation involves sitting just as Buddha did when he achieved enlightenment and at the same time being aware of everything that is happening to oneself and to his or her surroundings.

  Taoist Meditation
Taoist Meditation involves calming the mind and body to the highest degree possible. It is a useful way of releasing stress from daily life.

  Japa Meditation
Japa Meditation is the form of Meditation in which you recite a word or a phrase repetitively, otherwise known as a mantra.

  Alpha Meditation
Alpha Meditation, which activates the power of the subconscious, allows individuals to reach the alpha level of consciousness, which is the ultimate seat of mental relaxation.

  Circadian Meditation
Circadian Meditation plays a big role in improving our sleep and will help us alternate the asleep and awake states in an optimum manner, relax, and conduct everyday activities effectively.

  Merkaba Meditation
Merkaba Meditation is a powerfully healing, gentle Meditation which teaches one to breathe from the heart and connect to the heart energy.

  Sahaj Marg
Sahaj Marg or Natural Path is a Meditation system based on Raja Yoga. It is a practice which is simplified and modified to adapt to man’s present life to achieve inner perfection.

  Bible Meditation
The Bible and Meditation can come together and with great results. Know what Bible Meditation is in this section.

  Catholic Meditation
Catholic Meditation is very different from other forms of Meditation. Instead of “quieting the mind” or removing too many thoughts in our heads, we meditate in the form of a prayer.

  Pyramid Meditation
Pyramid Meditation is a form of Meditation done inside, or underneath, a pyramid. Beyond the deceptively simple surface is the almost mystical basis of this particular type of Meditation.

  Color Meditation
There are ways to achieve a sense of peace, taking into consideration the fast-paced and action-oriented lifestyle we have today. One of these methods is called Color Meditation.

Health and Meditation
Health and Meditation - This is an overview on the aches and ailments that can be relieved by Meditation.

  Stress and Meditation
Stress and Meditation - This section is an overview on what you need to know about Stress - What Stress is, How our Body and Spirit React to Stress, the consequences of Coping with Stress incorrectly, and the benefits of dealing with Stress through Meditation.

    What is Stress?
What is Stress? - Take a look at the definition of Stress and learn what determines whether Stress is damaging to you or not.

    How do our Body and Mind react to Stress?
How do our Body and Mind react to Stress? - Nature has given us an impressive response mechanism, which acts as soon as we feel threatened. Learn how our body and mind respond to Stress.

    Results of Coping with Stress Incorrectly
Results of Coping with Stress Incorrectly - Know the various physical and mental effects when you cope with Stress incorrectly.

    How Meditating Helps in Dealing with Stress
How Meditating Helps in Dealing with Stress - We can decrease Stress by decreasing the burden or by improving the capacity to cope with Stress. Learn the benefits of coping with Stress through Meditation.

    Dealing with Stress through Meditation
Dealing with Stress through Meditation - This section focuses on the different Meditating Exercises in dealing with Stress.

  Burnout and Meditation
Burnout and Meditation - This section is an overview on what you need to know about Burnout - What a Burnout is, Stages of the Burnout Porcess, its Causes, the benefits of Meditation, and the Meditating Exercises suitable for people who are experiencing Burnout.

    What is Burnout and How do we recognize it?
What is Burnout and How do we recognize it? - This section gives information on what Burnout is as well as its characteristics.

    Burnout Process - Stages
Burnout Process - Stages - Get familiar with the various Stages of the Burnout Process.

    Causes of Burnout and What we can do about it
Causes of Burnout and What we can do about it - Know the different factors that can increase the chance of Burnout and the things that we can do to deal with Burnout.

    How Meditating Helps in Dealing with Burnout
How Meditating Helps in Dealing with Burnout - This section provides information on the various benefits you can get when you are meditating to deal with Burnout.

    Exercises in Dealing with Burnout
Exercises in Dealing with Burnout - Know the different Meditating Exercises that you can do in dealing with Burnout.

  RSI and Meditation
RSI and Meditation - Know all about RSI, its causes, its effects, and what good Meditation you can do for the treatment of RSI.

    What is RSI?
What is RSI? - Learn what RSI is, its causes, and its symptoms.

    Factors that can cause RSI
Factors that can cause RSI - Take a look at some of the many factors that can cause RSI.

    Can RSI Be Cured?
Can RSI Be Cured? - There is no real cure for RSI. However, Meditating and various therapies can help you in dealing with RSI.

    How Meditating Helps in Dealing with RSI
Learn how Meditating can be very useful to people suffering from RSI.

    Meditations for RSI and How often should you Meditate
Meditations for RSI and How often should you meditate - This is an introduction to the different meditating exercises you can do in dealing with RSI.

  Insomnia and Meditation
Insomnia and Meditation - This is an introduction of what Insomnia is and how to deal with it through Meditation and Meditating exercises.

    Remedies for Insomnia
Remedies for Insomnia - There are many things and conditions that can contribute to your sleeplessness. Here are some remedies or things you can do in dealing with Insomnia.

    How Meditating Helps in Dealing with Insomnia
How Meditating Helps in Dealing with Insomnia - Scientific researches proved that Meditation enhances health and helps you to improve your sleep. Learn how to deal with Insomnia through Meditation.

    Exercises in Dealing with Insomnia
Exercises in Dealing with Insomnia - Know the different Meditating Exercises that you can do in dealing with Insomnia.

  Being Overweight and Meditation
Being Overweight and Meditation - Learn how Meditation can help you prevent obesity or reduce weight.

  Headaches and Meditation
Headaches and Meditation - This is an introduction on how to relieve Headaches and how Meditation helps in dealing with Headaches.

    Causes of Headaches
Know the possible causes of Headaches.

    How to Deal with Headaches
How to Deal with Headaches - Here are some suggestions and things you can do in dealing with Headaches.

    Exercises in Dealing with Headaches
Exercises in Dealing with Headaches

  Fears and Meditation
Fears and Meditation - This is an introduction on what Fear is, the benefits of Meditating in dealing with Fears, and the Meditating Exercises you can do to overcome your Fears.

    What is Fear?
What is Fear? - Take a look at what Fear is - its definitions and causes.

    How Meditating Helps in Dealing with Fear
How Meditating Helps in Dealing with Fear - Meditation can be useful in many ways for people with fear or anxiety problems.

    Exercises in Dealing with Fear
Exercises in Dealing with Fear - You can deal with Fears through Meditation. Try these Meditating Exercises.

  Rehabilitation and Meditation
Rehabilitation and Meditation

  Chronic Pain and Meditation
Chronic Pain and Meditation - This is an introduction on what Pain is and how Meditation helps in dealing with it.

    What is Pain?
What is Pain? - This section tackles the definition of Pain and the things that we can do to deal with Pain.

    How Meditating Helps in Dealing with Pain
How Meditating Helps in Dealing with Pain - Meditating can be useful in many ways for people suffering from chronic pains.

    Meditations in Dealing with Chronic Pain
Meditations in Dealing with Chronic Pain - Get familiar with the different Meditating Techniques that are useful in dealing with pains.

    Pain Meditation
Pain Meditation - In this exercise, Pain itself is the object of Meditation. Learn how to perform Pain Meditation.

  Addiction and Meditation
Addiction and Meditation

Meditation Equipment & Tools Overview

  Yoga and Meditation Mats
Yoga Mat is probably the most popular of all the Yoga Props in the market. Yoga Mats provide greater support, help define your space, and enhance your safety while doing a pose.

  Yoga and Meditation Bolsters
Support your spine, abdomen, neck, and legs by using Yoga Bolsters during your session and feel more comfortable in doing supine, passive, and other difficult Yoga Poses.

  Yoga Blankets - Blankets for Warmth and Comfort
Yoga Blankets help you feel relaxed and comfortable which is essential in the Practice of Yoga. These Blankets also provides warmth and added cushioning to your mat.

  Yoga Straps - Definition & Function of Yoga Straps
Yoga Straps benefits people who are not flexible by helping them stretch to the limit which results to increase flexibility and muscular strength.

  Yoga and Meditation Apparel
Yoga Clothes - Clothes you should wear for a more comfortable and relaxing Yoga Session

  Meditation Cushions
A Meditation Cushion provides comfort and support as you meditate. Know the benefits of using a Meditation Cushion in this section.

  Meditation Incense
In a Meditation session, the use of incense helps you to have a calm mind by creating an atmosphere of tranquility through the scent that the incense gives off. Learn more about Meditation Incense in this section.

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